Fat Transfer and Surgical Consultation

Fat Transfer: A New Journey to Health and Wellness

Embark on a transformative path towards health and well-being with Fat transfer and surgical consultation, a pivotal offering within Dr. Jay. Fat Transfer or bariatric surgery is a weight loss procedure that addresses obesity and related health issues, enabling individuals to achieve significant and sustainable weight loss.

Fat Transfer Surgery

Bariatric surgery includes various procedures that alter the digestive system to limit food intake, enhance nutrient absorption, and promote weight loss. These surgeries offer a comprehensive solution for those struggling with obesity and its associated risks. Some of the types of procedures that Dr. Jay performs include gastric sleeve, surgical bypass, and gastric balloon treatments. These options provide individuals with a range of choices to help them achieve their weight loss goals and improve their overall health.

Trust Our Surgery Experience

Dr. Jay’s legacy of expertise seamlessly extends to bariatric surgery, offering holistic health solutions. Serving the Southern California area, our skilled team combines medical excellence with compassionate care, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your weight loss journey. Trust our proven track record, personalized guidance, and commitment to your well-being. Begin your transformative journey towards health and vitality with confidence at Dr. Jay.

Benefits of Fat Transfer Surgery


Weight Loss

Achieve substantial, long-lasting weight loss, improving overall health and quality of life.


Health Improvements

Experience resolution or improvement of obesity-related conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and sleep apnea.


Enhanced Mobility

Increased physical activity becomes possible with reduced weight and improved fitness.



Bariatric surgery often leads to enhanced self-esteem and body image.


Lifestyle Transformation

Patients adopt healthier eating habits and lifestyles for lasting well-being.

Imagine a new you, a healthier you.

Experience the fusion of medical expertise and holistic well-being that defines Dr. Jay MD.